With honor and respect. 9/11/2001

Let us never forget those we lost on that horrible day and remember them with love and compassion.

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  1. I was a Poll Worker, working the Primary when we got word that there was an “incident” that happened at the WTC. There was a radio in the room where we were voting; I tuned in to PLJ and it was you and Scott on the air. I remember that you both took a call from a gentleman on the 86th floor who wanted to let his mom and the rest of his family know that he was okay, that it was the other tower that was struck; then the 2nd plane struck and the call was lost. Todd, I agree that there were a lot of heroes on 9/11 but in my mind, both you, Scott and all those that were there with yous long after you were supposed to be off the air and at home are my heroes too! All of yous stayed there, on the air for us, taking calls and trying to reunite loved ones with each other. If I didn’t tell you before, then I’m letting you know now, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you and Scott and your crew from that day for being there for all of us. Thank you and God Bless yous always.

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